Survey: Majority of Shoppers Abandon Customer Feedback Because It Takes Too Long

Retailers always need to properly analyze customer feedback if they want to evolve their business to meet shopper needs. But when collecting that feedback, they better make it quick for the shopper.

As many as 44 percent percent of shoppers have abandoned a customer feedback survey without completing it, with 57 percent of those citing length as the primary reason for doing so, according to a survey from Medallia.

Beyond the length of the survey, these characteristics have caused consumers to abandon customer feedback surveys:

Too personal/asked for sensitive information (23%);
No resolution (22%);
Too impersonal/generic (20%);
Unclear purpose (20%);
Not mobile friendly (14%); and
Survey fatigue (14%).

Retailers must realize that even those consumers willing to share their opinions don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort responding to long-winded surveys.

Feedback requests should require minimal effort from the customer — asking just a few personalized questions and using formats such as a short survey, live dialogue or a brief feedback form on the web site.

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