This Creative Consultancy Wants You to Stop and Soak Up Good Design

Our take: In this interview, Surface talks to Noë & Associates founder Mark Noë about his team’s approach to important consumer engagement elements like storytelling and experience-making. 

Founded in 2012, New York–based consultancy Noë & Associates attracts a discerning set of domestic and international clients (including our print magazine and sister publication, Watch Journal).

The firm works primarily with companies in the architecture and design realm, offering expertise in brand strategy and producing content with its signature pared-down, compelling clarity.


Give us a brief overview of Noë & Associates’ history and expertise.

After selling my first agency, Marque Creative, I decided to set up Noë & Associates in order to focus on areas that most interest me.

I lead a wide range of high-value, high-impact projects in the fields of culture, luxury, and real estate—we’ve worked closely with architects such as Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, Renzo Piano, Robert A.M. Stern, David Chipperfield, and Zaha Hadid among others.

Our 18 full-time staff members cover many areas of expertise, including brand strategy and repositioning, corporate identity creation, art direction, content creation, and multi-platform marketing.

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