Review: Engagement Agents platform Help Retailers Reclaim ‘Lost’ Sales, Traffic

Engagement Agents is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help retailers better manage their marketing campaigns’ distribution through mall and shopping center touch points.  The platform can help retailers reclaim “lost” impressions, traffic and sales to their own stores, web sites and social channels.

Retailers only need to upload their marketing campaigns and job postings once to the platform in order to give all shopping centers the same information, rather than having 10 different conversations with 10 shopping centers.

Retailers using the platform also will receive a dedicated Engagement Agents Account Manager to help with the process.

The platform automates the distribution of a retailer’s campaigns and instantly promotes them to all the mall’s physical and digital marketing channels, including digital signs/directories, apps, mobile/web, social and email.

Engagement Agents then can track the success of these marketing campaigns within each individual marketing channel, ensuring they are current, consistent, correct and compliant with the brand.

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