For 30 years, ProLabel, Inc. has been fortunate to work within a wide range of industries. We provide industrial and chemical label and packaging solutions which help our clients’ reach and retain customers. Below are a few of the market segments in which we work and strive to continuously improve:


Industrial labels are frequently used and stored in harsh environments. We have the experience to assess the labeling challenges in your product’s environment and suggest the best solutions to last through your product’s use lifecycle. Despite the rigorous requirements, your label should also make a positive impression with customers. We print the right label for your product using chemically- and temperature-resistant adhesives, materials that don't tear or wrinkle and resist abrasives, and inks that remain readable despite moisture, chemical application or extreme heat or cold.


Compliance with legal standards are a primary consideration for companies producing chemical products. Newer regulations may require specific elements to change from label to label, even on the same product line. To address these standards and improve efficiencies, we offer variable data printing (VDP) on our digital presses as needed. In addition, printing extensive product information onto your labels is often required. We also provide Extended Content Labels (ECLs) to balance the needs of your regulatory compliance considerations with the desire for consumer-engaging branding.

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