Six Secret Things That Are Sabotaging Your Ability To Have Shiny Hair

For the past few years, effortless hair has ruled, from runways to the real world. Shiny hair seemed too perfect—and some women felt as if they'd seem fussy if they insisted on polished strands. But the self-care craze is changing that.

"Healthy hair is a reflection of what you put in your body and on your hair," says Francesca Fusco, M.D., a dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology in NYC.

Healthy hair is literally all about reflection: "The cuticle looks like shingles overlapping on a microscopic level," explains Fusco.

On healthy hair, those shingles lie smooth and flat—i.e., the prime position for reflecting light and creating shine. But with enough wear and tear, "the cuticle of hair may appear broken or shredded," she says. Hence, dullness.

But there is a bright side: You can easily rehab your hair back to its shiniest, healthiest self.

Read on to learn how to counteract those shine sappers and boost your hair's glossiness.

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