Anthem creates pack for new Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Lime

Anthem Worldwide has re-teamed with McVitie’s owner, pladis group to create packaging designs for a limited- edition extension to the Jaffa Cakes brand.

Following Jaffa Cakes’ packaging refresh in 2017 celebrating consumers’ unique approach to eating the product, also created by Anthem, pladis group briefed the global creative agency to create packaging designs for a Lemon & Lime flavour variant.

Hannah Tucker, senior brand manager at pladis commented: “Jaffa Cakes continue to be a popular brand and a constant fixture on shelf. Nevertheless, we are determined to innovate and as well as new flavour variants, we have also recently launched a new ‘snack pack’ format for on-the-go eaters.”

James Milburn, account director at Anthem added: “The new look pack references the instantly recognisable Jaffa Cakes branding but with a subtle flavour update. The iconic identity of Jaffa Cakes retains its strong stand out on shelf against the competition but with the exciting draw of a new flavour for consumers to try.”

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