Beauty Customization: Make-up Meeting Diversity

A recent report by market researcher Mintel highlights the rise of multi-culturalism.

It states that this demographic trend is "leaving many consumers unable to find cosmetics that match their skin tone.

Women of mixed ethnicity constitute a target group that is set to growth exponentially. Yet their color cosmetics needs are far from being met.

As brands seek ways to cater to the many skin tones within this group, packaging will emerge as a key factor in 'serving the underserved', says Sonia Cerato, Make-Up Category Manager at Quadpack.

While brands simply cannot launch products for every possible tone, packaging can help meet this new consumer need."

Millennials are putting on the pressure.

The younger generations are not shy about making demands and what they want is tailored solutions.

Customisable packaging is already starting to boom, with build-your-own palettes appearing in retail stores and online personalisation services emerging on the internet.

The bigger brands are starting to bring out greater numbers of shades, as many as 40 in the case of Fenty Beauty.

To differentiate in store, the packaging needs to enable consumers to easily identify the colour they want. This means viewing windows or transparent packaging. Glass is ideal here....

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