Product Review: Blossom Water Releases Version 2.0

Our take: Shift in ingredients,  focus on health key components of updated branding...  |

WESTWOOD, Mass. — Blossom Water, LLC introduces Blossom Water Version 2.0, a transformational evolution of the category-creating essence water that is distinguished by appreciation and use of blossom botanicals.

More than ever, Blossom Water checks all the boxes in addressing those core values that mainstream, discriminating buyers seek: a drink that is healthful, convenient to consume and, above all, truly enjoyable.

With Version 2.0, Blossom Water ups the ante as a better-for-you beverage.

While a touch of sweetener remains indispensable for carrying the lively yet nuanced flavors that are Blossom Water’s hallmark, this new version has been reformulated to more than halve the original’s already low calorie and sugar content.

Through a proprietary, next-generation sweetener blend, each serving is now only 10 calories and 2 grams...

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