Brand relaunch: Akashi-Tai Reveals Brand Identity and Packaging Design by Cowan London

Akashi-Tai, a range of five artisan sakes, launches its new identity and packaging design.

The design conveys the genuine artisan nature of Akashi-Tai, which is brewed in small batches using traditional methods, and positions the brand as an authentic premium player on the global stage.

Cowan London won Best Packaging Design for Akashi-Tai at the International Beverage Awards held at Japan’s largest industry trade show Drink Japan on June 27th.

The challenge was to design for two diverse markets with different cultures, codes and customers, ensuring the brand remained credible in Japan, whilst engaging new audiences in emerging Western markets.

The current design looked neither premium, nor artisan, but was ‘the one with the fish’. Cowan initially worked with the brand team at Akashi Sake Brewery to help them define the proposition, brand essence and brand story, to prepare for launch in the US and Germany.

The rebrand is rolling out across the UK now.

Akashi Tai launched in the US as a new brand at the start of 2018 where results have been extremely promising, with plans for it to roll out in France, Germany and other countries in Europe imminently.

Cowan immersed themselves in Japanese culture, to...

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