Bronner Brothers: A 71-year legacy in ethnic hair care

At the Bronner Brothers factory and warehouse in Southwest Atlanta, there’s a lot of excitement in the air. It’s only a few days before the company’s 71st annual Midwinter International Beauty Show, and there’s still much to be done.

In one office, there are roughly 50,000 convention bags to be stuffed. In another, members of the show’s management team are going over final logistics with a fine-toothed comb. In his office, dressed in a sharp navy suit and lightly graying hair, show director and second-generation Bronner Brothers owner James Bronner wears the Zen calmness of a monk.

Though it seems like chaos is all around him, his excitement and calm were both shocking and alluring at the same time. “I was brought in as show director about three years ago,” he revealed.

“But I’ve been around the family business all my life. I feel like I was born involved in the family business.”

From sweeping floors to placing the signature “BB” labels on products, Bronner has worked in nearly all aspects of the business.

One summer, he even worked in the lab where products...

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