Bustle Review: Clean & Clear’s C&C Skin Care Line Just Got A Millennial Makeover

Summary: Bustle's says everyone loves a good '90s throwback, and that's includes skin care. The brand that you knew and loved growing up just got a millennial twist, and you're going to love it...

Get ready to do a double-take, because Clean & Clear looks nothing like you remember it.

There's new packaging, products, and reason to re-fall in love with the brand.

If you thought your time for Clean & Clear was over, think again.

The skin care company added a new line of products with minimal packaging to match the minimal products inside.

The line is called C&C by Clean & Clean, and you can shop it right now.

There's everything from Anti-Shine Sticks to Cleansing Pads and Cleansing Bars to Toners.

The products are the perfect balance of conventional, like face wipes, and trendy, like spot patches.

Basically, everything that you can possibly need in your skin care routine — and a few that you never knew you needed.

If you're looking for the brand's new line in the store, you'll likely walk right past it.

Instead of the clear packaging with the bubbles shown inside, the new C&C line is all matte black with minimal writing.

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thumbnail courtesy of bustle.com

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