Current trends shaping the beverage industry in 2018

Summary: With the World Beverage Innovation Awards drawing nearer, we take a look at five trends that are shaping the beverage industry... | -------- 

Following the rise in conscious living and healthy eating habits, variations of protein drinks will see further growth, particularly with plant-based alternatives to animal protein.

Protein drinks will reach a wider market of consumers through a combination of unique flavours and healthy, sustainable ingredients.

Last year’s prediction of botanical beverages has gone a step further this year as a result of the legalisation of marijuana in Canada, and softening consumer attitudes towards cannabis.

There is no shortage of opportunities for innovation with the growth of cannabis-infused drinks.

Cannabis is a controversial ingredient that will be positioned alongside natural medicinal beverages.

Health-conscious millennials are found to be drinking less than their parents.

So, this year non-alcoholic drinks are a growing area. New and unique combinations will inspire these tonics and ‘non-alcoholic’ spirits, and natural botanic ingredients will drive innovative flavours.

The influence of craft last year will continue on into 2018, but cold brew coffee will...

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