Dr. Craft develops sustainable, natural hair dye from Ribena bi-product

Keracol Limited’s Dr. Craft brand is poised to debut a range of natural hair dyes produced using bi-products from the manufacture of the popular British soft drink Ribena, according to a report published by Refinery 29.

A recent study conducted by University of Leeds’ Dr Richard Blackburn and Professor Chris Rayner found that the blackcurrant fruit waste that results from the production of the well-known cordial contains naturally occurring pigments, or anthocyanins, that double as an effective hair dye.

“We know anthocyanins bind strongly with proteins,” Blackburn told Refinery 29.

“Hair is a protein – so we thought if we could find an appropriate source of these natural colors, we might be able to dye hair.”

The color range predictably spans reds, purples and blues but could include browns in the future and is said to last for up to 12 washes. What’s more, the range is eco-friendly thanks to its source material.

“After being pressed, the skins remain as a waste product,” explains Rayner.

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