Elemental Beverage Co. thriving with Snapchiller and RTD Coffee Line

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The new Elemental Beverage Co. has developed a line of high-end RTD cold coffee products, as well as the countertop-focused Snapchiller.

A prototype on-demand flash-chilling machine for beverages that was initially revealed at Coffee Fest Portland in 2017 by MIT graduate David M. Dussault and licensed Q Grader Ryan McDonnell has been given a name: The Snapchiller.

The device is currently being pre-sold with an anticipated 2019 Q4 delivery by the new Elemental Beverage Co., based in Massachusetts, which manufactures and sells the equipment, as well as its own upmarket brand of cold canned and bottled coffees.

The Snapchiller has undergone some subtle aesthetic polishing and only slight mechanical reconfiguring over the past couple years to to prepare for its positioning on coffee bars, professional kitchen counters and other culinary spaces.

Air now flows through the machine from front to back rather than side to side, so that it can fit snugly in between other pieces of equipment.

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