European review: The mixed picture in Europe’s growing own-label market

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Private label across Europe continues to grow, and is making its presence across the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) spectrum.

No longer just dominant in the more traditional categories of ready meals and frozen food, there are some interesting developments across other categories in the major European markets.

Olly Abotorabi, senior regional insights manager at IRI, looks at the recent performance of the private-label sector.

The revolution continues, as shoppers across Europe's main grocery markets increasingly opt for private label alternatives.

Ten years ago, consumers may have been turning to an own-label product as a way of saving money or getting better value for money; now they just as likely to be a product of choice.

There's evidence of shoppers trust private label more and perceive the products to be of greater quality and relevance.

The picture across Europe's main grocery markets is varied. IRI has looked at private label across six countries.

Starting from the west and heading the east, we have studied data in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Greece. While we saw the growth of private label overall across this group of countries in 2017, the UK is leading... More...

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