Flexible packaging accelerates messaging, marketing for Kiva Confections

Our take: Kiva Confections co-founder reviews how flexible packaging  benefits their product offerings... | -------------

In the Wild West of recreational cannabis, a few companies had a head start. One such company is Kiva Confections. Co-founder Kristi Knoblich Palmer has been making cannabis-infused confections in California since 2010.

Given her leg up on current upstarts, she wanted to stand out with sophisticated packaging in an environment that presents a few extra hurdles than would packaging for your average candy. The resulting designs look professional and are clearly labeled, demonstrating maturity and establishing trust in consumers.

“The pouches are a flexible packaging solution during a time when the industry requires flexibility to stay on top of rapidly changing regulations,” Knoblich Palmer says.

“The pouch format is cost effective, has a relatively smaller footprint, protects the product, and can be madechild resistant, which is currently required in California cannabis regulations as of November 2018. It can be printed in the U.S. or overseas and by many suppliers, which helps ensure we don’t have shortages. The standup format also displays nicely at retail.”

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