Grocery-anchored shopping centers get thumbs-up

Amid headlines of retailer bankruptcies and shuttered stores, supermarkets are seen as a plus by the commercial real estate sector.

Shopping centers anchored by grocery stores “continue to exceed expectations” and are high on the list of desirable sites among retail property investors, according the May 2018 Retail Investor Sentiment Report from Real Capital Markets (RCM), a Carlsbad, Calif.-based commercial real estate marketplace.

“There is a general consensus that grocery-anchored retail centers will be around forever and, as long as they are, will be among the most attractive and highly sought-after investments,” the report said.

“Underscoring this notion are statistics that show the number of grocery-anchored centers brought to market via RCM’s platform nearly doubled over the last two years.”

Of investors surveyed by RCM, 48% cited anchored shopping centers — especially supermarket-anchored properties — as the most preferred.

“Retail properties known as power centers, because of a higher concentration of big-box retailers, may be among the least attractive,” the RCM report said.

“Generally, because they are heavily reliant on soft goods and susceptible to consumers turning to e-commerce outlets for these products, this type of center...

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