How consumer brand manufacturers change packaging for e-commerce

Our take: During the inaugural E-Pack Summit held in Chicago, brands, packaging suppliers, and delivery companies discussed how e-commerce has altered the art of delivering packages to shoppers... | ----------

Packaging experts are concerned about the environment.

Rather, they’re concerned about how consumers feel about the environment. But they also want packages to arrive on time, intact and in easy-to-open packages, while not making expensive alterations to the supply chain.

But these factors don’t have to be at odds with each other.

E-commerce is still a relatively small part of the overall global packaging market, said Ciaran Little, director of operations Americas for Smithers Pira, a packaging market research and testing company that hosted the conference.

The global packaging market, or the cost of all packaging materials and equipment, is $850 billion in 2017 according to Smithers Pira, with e-commerce packaging accounting for just 3.3 percet of that, or $28 billion.

However, global packaging is expected to grow at just 3 percent per year through 2021, while e-commerce packaging is on track to grow by 14 percent during the same period according to Smirthers Pira.

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