How packaging can be the fastest way to deliver luxury

Summary: Phil Humphreys, managing director of Malvern-based Pendragon Packaging, explains how focusing on luxury packaging manufacturing for more than 30 years has been the key to the family-owned company's success...

Some products, by their very nature, are luxurious, such as fresh flowers, chocolates and candles, so the right packaging can elevate already desirable goods further into the luxe category.

Humphreys says, “Confectionery has always proved to be an important sector in the luxury packaging market, but since moving into our purpose-built factory and offices in 2003, we soon saw the fragrance and candle sectors becoming stronger, with packaging for fragrance now being an extremely important part of our design and manufacturing capabilities.

“Also, over the past year or so, we have seen a further development in the niche drinks market and particularly whisky, which has proved to be a significant part of our turnover in 2017. It would appear that the lower-volume, premium-priced handmade ranges are becoming more significant in the luxury packaging sector.”

One of the latest artisan brands to join the growing luxury candle sector is Bougies D'Aquitaine.

This French brand offers hand-made, soy wax, vegan-friendly products that are responsible and luxurious, bridging that increasingly demanded gap between high...

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