How Thinking Like a D-to-C Brand Can Improve Consumer Relationships

Our take: Simplicity within product offerings eliminates decision fatigue in consumers... |

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are having their cultural moment. Their impact and success come from strong brand storytelling, on-point packaging, subscription models and lower prices. But there’s one underappreciated factor that’s equally important: their super simple product offerings.

Whether by design or accident, they’ve tapped into a long understood (but generally ignored) human appetite for anything that simplifies decision making.

I realized that among all of Warby’s innovations, the most important thing they offer customers is a pared down shopping experience.

Their carefully curated product line and simple pricing model is what keeps us coming back.

The traditional spectacle shopping experience is just too darn complicated.  Simplicity is a key ingredient in the special sauce that’s propelling the new D2C revolution.

Most of our days are filled with endless decisions, thanks to an always-on work culture and tens of millions of entertainment choices just a tap or click away.

Decision fatigue is real, and we (or more accurately, our brains) need a break.

There’s plenty of evidence showing that our feeble human minds just can’t handle the variety and permutations that an overwhelming Target razor aisle contains.

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