How to make smart packaging even smarter

Our take: Expanding consumer interaction to include widespread home appliance use is the next frontier in smart packaging...  |

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been examined extensively for commercial, industrial and even home applications. It’s time to consider more possibilities for packaging than what we’ve already seen.

So far, smart packaging has been thought of mostly in terms of connection to “passive” online information, like recipes or discount offers.

But it has the capability to unlock the full interactive potential of the internet. SharpEnd—a London-based branding agency whose clients include Pernod Ricard, PepsiCo and Nestlé—specializes in using the IoT to connect with consumers.

Founder Cameron Worth talks about the potential for smart packaging to integrate with the IoT. Worth: SharpEnd is the global internet of things agency supporting the Pernod Ricard group and associated brand companies and brands.

We have a particular focus on realizing the connected bottle’s opportunity at a global scale. As well as this, we focus on retail innovation in the on-trade and off-trade, and implement rapid prototyping processes to help brands understand and pilot opportunities to use connectivity to deliver valuable services and experiences to consumers.

Worth: With a particular focus on FMCG/CPG [fast-moving consumer goods/consumer packaged goods],...

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