International Review: Can design brings color to the outdoor paint category

Bright and quirky, branding for new U.K. outdoor paint brand Thorndown was wholly inspired by the start-up company’s origins in The West Country, England—a place known for its creativity and pragmatism, its outdoor lifestyle and changeable weather, and for having the best of both city and country life.

Departing from the unimaginative and predictable graphics of traditional outdoor-paint packaging, Thorndown uses silhouettes of animals associated with the West Country—a fox for wood paint, a crab for peelable glass paint—combined with a color palette that draws on the vibrant colors of the orchards, gardens, and fishing boats found in that area.

Brown&co created the Thorndown naming, corporate identity, and packaging design.

Its goal was to craft a more design-oriented and aesthetically-considered brand that could elevate the entire category.

“The outdoor paint market is saturated and addresses purely the functionality of the products,” says Troy Wade, Designer, Strategy Head, and Co-Founder of Brown&co.

“Not only that, at point of sale, range navigation and messaging tends to be confusing and cluttered, with uninspired brands struggling to differentiate themselves. The client approached us to create a new brand from scratch that would stand out in this crowded and bland marketplace.”

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