International Trends: The latest detergents to hit the UK market

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Cleanliness may be next to godliness but it tops the essentials list for hospitality guests.

A Miele Professional survey found that 88 percent of hotel customers valued bedroom and bedding cleanliness above value for money, a warm welcome, star rating, quality services or an attractive view.

Similarly, research by Diversey reports that more than half the people entering a dirty restaurant would either leave immediately or not finish their meal.

“Keeping all parts of the venue clean and tidy should be taken seriously – from front of house to the toilets, it all needs to be spotless. Even staff uniforms or dress code can tell a story,” says Peter Alsworth, chemical sales director at Winterhalter.

“It’s not just customers who avoid the one-star establishments, it also sends a message about how safe and secure the ways of working are to potential employees,” adds Kevin Coghlan, national sales manager at cleaning specialist Bright Hygiene.

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