Women worldwide embracing natural hair movement

Managing curly hair in this humidity has its problems, but you can drop those flat irons and love your natural hair.

Alicia Keys bares her face as proudly as she does her curly hair. And she is not alone in this celebration of natural beauty and ethnic pride.

Other US celebrities such as Zendaya also rock their curls on the red carpet as loudly as

Viola Davis, whose recent Oscar appearance was made all the more stunning by wearing her voluminous coils parted down the middle.

Admittedly, the humidity doesn't make it any easier. Ask any woman born with curly or wavy hair, and chances are, she has struggled with it (or still does) at some point in time.

"Growing up, I hated my hair because it was frizzy and would tangle easily," said Reshani Iranga Satharasinghe, 39-year-old behaviour consultant with Goldilocks-like ringlets.

"I was also aware that my hair was much messier compared to those with smooth, straight hair.”

Curly hair could also get women into a different kind of tangle that isn't helped by the stereotypes we have.

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