Macaron ice cream sandwich brand, Yolkin, to open in Chinatown, London

Following the recent succession of Asian-inspired dessert operators to launch in Chinatown London, Shaftesbury has today announced the opening of macaron ice cream sandwich brand, Yolkin.

The brand’s first permanent ice cream macaron shop will open on 24 Rupert Street, following successful street food stalls on Rupert Street and pop-ups in Soho and Covent Garden.

The 450 sq. ft. store will cater to 18 covers and offer Yolkin’s signature ice cream macarons that are inspired by South East Asian flavours with a western twist.

These include matcha and oreo, pandan and coconut, lychee, black sesame, purple yam and Hong Kong milk tea.

The macarons, which are made with almonds, are naturally gluten-free...

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