Millennial Purchasing in the Beverage Industry

Summary: Viktor Puzakov, Global Marketing Manager at Videojet Technologies, looks at what shapes the beverage purchasing decisions of millennials and its relation to coding and marking.

In an ever-developing commercial world, most industries are going through their fair share of changes and challenges, and beverage is no exception.

There are many drivers that must be considered by brands, not least how the millennial generation is having an impact on the expectations of today’s consumer.

Technology and social media are enabling millennials to influence the market and are having a direct impact on how they arrive at a purchasing decision.

According to CNBC, Deloitte Digital reported that “47 percent of millennial consumers used social media as part of their shopping experience”.

Along with this comes a demand for the utmost quality on a consistent basis and if that is not met, millennials will not hesitate to move to a different brand in the market.

Millennials are attracted to visually appealing products and hesitation may arise even when a product rebrands and looks different the next time the customer sees it in the store.

This emphasis on what the product looks like is related to the trend in social media participation among millennials.... More...

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