Nanoencapsulated Food Additives: Making a Big Difference

Our take: Food additives are being replaced by nanoencapsulated additives, in light of the changing perception related to their nutrition and safety profiles... | --------

Over the last several decades, the development of nanoencapsulated food additives and their utilization in enhancing the safety and nutritional status of food matrices transfigured the food sector.

Food additives are well known for their functional activities as antioxidants, antimicrobials, colorants, flavorings, etc.

Manipulating food additives at the nanometer level can affect the bioavailability and nutritional value of food on the basis of the functions of the additives.

Hence, this strategy will enhance the bioavailability of major health-promoting compounds.

Considering the current uncertainties in relation to the potential risks from nanotechnology applications for food, knowledge gaps, and concerns, there is a need for a proactive approach to address some of the unknowns through research, discussion with key stakeholders, and appropriate revision of regulations to manage the potential risks.

It would, however, need a substantial amount of basic research to generate data on the food nanostructures and nanoparticles to enable adequate assessment of risks to an average consumer of nanofoods.

Different Nano-Formulated Matrices Are Available for the Preparation of Nanoencapsulated Food Additives

The opportunities and advantages of nanotechnology are expanding rapidly... More...

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