Natures Gentle Touch unveils new product for women with natural hair

Natures Gentle Touch, a company which specialises in making hair products for African women, has launched a natural hair solution called Monoi Oil Range.

MOR, as the new product line is called, is designed to clean, detangle hair, retain moisture, eliminate dryness of hair and allow for easy manageability.

The new range of products consists of a hair strengthening shampoo, conditioning therapy, a restore serum, spray lotion and a lock and twist gel.

The strengthening shampoo detangles hair while leaving the scalp and hair clean from buildups while the conditioning therapy repairs damage caused by lack of moisture. It moisturises the hair to reduce shedding and tangles.

The restore serum is said to hydrate and lock in moisture, leaving hair softer and healthier. According to the company, it guarantees 98 percent less breakage after a single use.

The hairspray lotion is designed for additional moisture and shine, particularly for the dull looking hair while the lock & twist gel is for protective styling in between shampoos.

According to Chika Ikenga, GMD Recare Cosmetics, each of the Monoi Oil Range is designed “to improve the beauty and personal care of the African woman”.

Ikenga said the products were conceived because African women “require... More...

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