New concept challenges the toothpaste tube norm

Anthem Worldwide’s Benelux team has released a packaging design concept that invites the oral care market to revolutionise the way it presents its products.

Channelling its penchant for conceptual work that challenges the status quo and sees design as a tool for innovation, the creative agency has been imagining alternative futures for the toothpaste category.

Surveying the current marketplace, Anthem found that supermarkets' oral care shelves are a wash of white, blue, and red with inadequate differentiation between brands.

Brand assets aren’t unique, leading to copy-cat retailer offers and extreme price wars with consumers driven to navigate their purchase based primarily on discount price offers.

Toothpaste is of course a regular and necessary purchase – but it’s also an intimate one given we put it inside our mouths. However, most existing brands use synthetic flavourings, whose artificiality is emphasised by the use of unnatural, bold primary colours on the pack.

Moreover toothpaste, usually on display in the consumer's home and subject to regular interaction, is a product for which the Second Moment of Truth is particularly prolonged and significant.

'Today's oral care shelves are a wash of white, blue and red with inadequate differentiation between brands' "The design of the crimp structure at the...

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