Ovenable packaging market heats up

Our take: Elisabeth Skoda explores innovations in the area of ovenable and microwavable packaging. She's speaking with Toby Cottam and Simon Balderson, managing directors respectively of Terinex and Sirane, about striking the balance between offering consumers convenience, high quality food and sustainability... | ------------

Recent months have seen a host of new products brought to the market in this space.

To take one example, KM Packaging has developed its ovenable Superguard film line in response to the growing demand for home cooked-style convenience food.

The new ovenable flow wrap products ensure foodstuffs can make it from supermarket shelf to plate without needing to be directly handled.

The new enhanced films are suitable for oven or microwave cooking, comfortably withstanding temperatures up to 225⁰C.

Manufactured from polyester based laminate with innovative ovenable adhesives and inks, the films can be printed using high definition flexo technology.

Meanwhile, Colpac has launched the ovenable Cookpac® range, which is an all-in-one dual-ovenable solution.

The paperboard solution can be taken from the fridge or freezer and put straight into the oven or microwave, and features integral design elements to overcome issues relating to traditional ready meal packaging.

Cookpac® has integrated heat resistant handles to ensure it is easy to take...

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