Perdue introduces millennial-friendly chicken packaging

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Perdue is introducing a new package design for its line of fresh chicken with an eye toward the millennial market.

The contemporary design introduces what the company describes as a “variety of playful illustrations and vibrant colors aimed to inspire and connect with the millennial demographic while staying true to the Perdue way.”

The redesign also highlights the company’s work that includes “no-antibiotics-ever, 100 percent vegetarian fed, no animal by-products raised cage-free and with no hormones or steroids.” The company did note that hormones and steroids are already banned by federal regulations.

According to the company, the refreshed packaging resonated with consumers. More than 65 percent of overall participants surveyed in a brand consumer test favored the new design and millennials preferred the updated look 200 percent more.

Companies have been looking for ways to better connect with millennials who are known to “live” on their mobile devices and are deeply suspicious of branding efforts that lack “authenticity.”

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