Personalization moves to pet food

New natural pet food and supplement company Side by Side of Telluride, CA, brings a holistic approach to whole food nutrition, offering pet owners the opportunity to customize their cat or dog’s diet through an online assessment.

Upon receiving results, consumers can choose from among five diets—categorized as Comfort, Mellow, Genial, Harvest, and Harmony—either flash-frozen or fresh for convenience, along with supplementary nutrition products.

The online assessment guides pet owners through a questionnaire that provides Side by Side with key information about each pet, including multiple aspects of health, lifestyle, temperament, and activity level, as well as age, breed, and weight, explains company Founder Marney Prince.

“Caregivers are delivered instant results for a baseline nutrition plan and sent additional recommendations to support a complete and balanced regimen for their pets’ individual needs,” she says.

Side by Side’s product line comprises 10 diets, or food products, nine treats, six supplements, three food toppers, and three tail mixes, or “treats to get your pet’s tail wagging.”

Prepared without preservatives, the whole foods are cooked in small batches with low heat.

They are then freeze-dried or frozen to preserve the whole food’s nutrition.

Frozen product has a one-year shelf life in the freezer...

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