Profile: Suzanne Haddon — From Starbucks and Nike to branding and packaging firm

A Wollongong businesswoman who has worked on branding for some of the biggest companies in the world before moving to Australia has launched a second arm of her business.

Suzanne Haddon runs a branding firm called Rooland that works for clients far and wide doing everything from graphics to illustration.

But she is also highly experienced in packaging for major brands around the globe and has come up with an innovative idea that can streamline the process for many other businesses.

RooCreate is focused on smart, simple, sustainable packaging that can be adopted easily and quickly to support a brand and image with an more affordable, professional, environmentally friendly look.

“We have always been sustainable and environmental. I love packaging and I wanted to create an App or some kind of online platform where people can go an get really innovative package design and packaging you can’t find anywhere else. One of the hard things about packaging is that it is really hard to source and find the right suppliers and get a great price and great design,” Haddon said.

The structure, look, feel and everything that goes into a package is what RooCreate works on.

Haddon said packaging is becoming very...

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