Quality ingredients driving pet care home cleaning products

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When it comes to odor control and other cleaning products for the home, the trend toward safer, more responsible pet care products that are as effective or more so than traditional solutions is growing, according to manufacturers.

“The customer is more open than ever to trying something new in the home, as long as it is effective and allows them to better protect the ones they love,” said Pete Stirling, COO of Skout’s Honor in Irvine, Calif.

Home fragrance is the latest trend, said David Neuwirth, co-founder of One Fur All in Hollywood, Fla.

“Consumers not only want their homes to be free of pet odors, but they also want their home to smell great,” he said.

“In addition, consumers want household products to be made in the USA from top-quality ingredients that are nontoxic and allergen free. These have been two of the biggest drivers of demand for our products.”

The convenience of multisurface cleaners and effective cleaning power are leading attributes that interest pet owners in this category, said Sherif Labib, product manager for Irving, Texas-based The Bramton Co., maker of the Simple Solution brand.

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