Rebrand captures the spirit of Palmers 44 Dry Gin

Family owned distillery WH Palmer has appointed London-based branding and design consultancy Nude Brand Creation for the repackaging of its Palmers 44 Gin. The rebrand coincides with the distillery’s 200-year anniversary.

The sophisticated design of the new packaging succeeds in standing out against its competitors.

Bernard Gormley, partner at Nude Brand Creation says, “The gin category is currently exploding with new launches every week. There are some eye-catching designs within the category, but not a great deal of restraint. This design will cut through the noise with its simplicity and elegance. When you have a family with such heritage in gin distilling, they don’t need a design which shouts, but a design that communicates their confidence.”

Nude Brand Creation took inspiration from the 1920s and Palmer family’s heritage, especially Angela Palmer, an elegant leading woman figure of the family with a love of adventure.

The packaging’s design reflects Angela Palmer’s lust for life, as well as the aesthetic of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Tony Enoch, Partner at Nude Brand Creation, says, “We wanted the final presentation to be a tribute to Angela, a stylish and elegant woman who loved Chanel and...

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