Regional Report: Lakeland entrepreneur’s Patriot Coffee to hit Publix shelves

Our take: Patriot Coffee Roasters set for June debut as part of Florida Local program...  |

A Lakeland, Fla. entrepreneur is getting the chance of a lifetime.  Chris McArthur’s whole bean roasted coffee will hit Publix store shelves later this year.

McArthur started the company Patriot Coffee Roasters, which will be available in 350 Publix stores throughout Florida beginning in June and will increase to 500 stores later this year.

The locally roasted coffee beans are one of the newest additions to the Lakeland-based grocery chain’s Florida Local program, which offers products that are grown, harvested or manufactured by Florida suppliers.

Patriot Coffee’s Ethiopia, Colombia and Peru whole bean coffees will be sold in 12 oz. bags for $13.49 to $16.49 each.

“There hasn't been an opportunity for a small-batch, craft coffee roaster to reach the Publix shopper in a substantial way until now,” McArthur said.

“Because most people purchase their coffee at the grocery store, Publix customers have been missing out on an elevated coffee experience. We look forward to the opportunity to expand their perception of what quality coffee can be.”

McArthur has invested more than $60,000 in packaging equipment, facility upgrades and inventory, as well as hiring five more team members to prepare for his product’s entry into Publix stores.

Patriot Coffee also underwent a branding and packaging overhaul. The team is roasting coffee beans 20 hours per day in the days leading up to Patriot Coffee hitting Publix shelves.

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