Sales of Pouches Used in Candy and Snack Food Packaging to Reach $3.4 Billion

Our take: Nuts and dried fruit positioned for fastest growth, while large candy and confections providers continue upward trend... | ----------

Demand for pouches used in candy and snack food packaging is forecast to increase 3.8 percent annually through 2022 to $3.4 billion.

The fastest gains are expected for smaller segments such as nuts and dried fruit, which are benefiting from trends toward smaller packages and healthy snacking.

The large candy and confections segment will grow below average through 2022 due to brand owners of these products being early adopters of stand-up pouches, although growth opportunities still exist.

These and other trends are presented in "Pouches in the US, 8th Edition," a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

Nearly 75 percent of demand is generated by pillow pouches, based on their prevalence in savory snacks and cookie and cracker packaging.

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