SD Craft Beverage Co. Releases Cerveza XTECA Mexican American Lager

SD Craft Beverage Co. recently launched its new brand Cerveza XTECA, a San Diego brewed Mexican-American Lager that really captures the changing face of the beer market the Latino Market.

The new Cerveza XTECA immediately is breaking ground in top San Diego establishments around San Diego with taps featured in Little Italy, Barrio Logan, Ocean Beach, the Gas Lamp, and in the South Bay. Cerveza XTECA was created in San Diego, CA. the craft capital of America as a welcome brew for drinkers looking to satisfy their thirst with a tasty and refreshing craft lager.

Cerveza XTECA is designed to be an easy drinking and fortified Lager which is both full of crisp flavor but still smooth enough for the mainstream palate.

“We saw an opportunity in the growing craft segment for something more approachable in the craft space for consumers,” said Fred Sotelo, co-founder, and CEO of Cerveza XTECA.

“A lot of consumers are overwhelmed by strong bitters and hoppy flavor in the current Craft IPA space so Cerveza XTECA was created to be approachable, balanced, drinkable and plain tasty -- especially for a market driven by otherwise watered-down commercial lagers. But ours provides a high quality, palatable alternative.”

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