Sliced Ketchup Will Either Be Your Godsend Or Make You Uncomfortable

Ketchup is a universally satisfying condiment, adding a necessary oomph to everything from french fries to hot dogs to, um, salad. Of course, ketchup is also a pain in the butt.

It takes forever to come out of bottles and tends to end up being too much or too little. (Don't even get me started on ketchup packets, which are useless, messy, and frequently manage to land on the nearest garment.)

Some innovative souls have seen our ketchup woes and come up with a solution: slices of ketchup, which won't squirt or get your bread soggy. Genius.

As reported by NowThis, these inventive ketchup slices come courtesy of Bo's Fine Foods, and they're dubbed "Slice of Sauce."


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