Smooth-edged PET food trays reduce leakers

Our take: The Roll Over-Wrap branded tray packaging is billed as the world’s only patented 100 percent recyclable, smooth-edge overwrap tray line.

A functionally superior line of food trays under the Roll Over-Wrap branding was launched in mid-September by Clearly Clean Products, LLC, South Windsor, CT.

Patented design reduces leakers during production and transportation with world’s first patented, one-of-a-kind PET trays for packaged food.

The PET tray’s proprietary, patented rolled edge offers a smooth surface to alleviate film tears of overwrapped film to reduce the risk of leakers during production and transportation.

The trays are also positioned as a better environmental option and more robust option—three times stronger—to expanded polystyrene trays for use by supermarkets, packaged food brands and packaging distributors.

Appropriate for meat, poultry, seafood, deli products and produce, the specialized trays are available in stock sizes as well as custom versions in different sizes, thickness, shape and color.

The trays also enable a seamless changeover from EPS trays for packaging production operations.

“The strong demand that our rapidly growing company is seeing for our trays is highly encouraging, not only for Clearly Clean, but also for the...

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