Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg on why the natural food industry needs optimism right now

Gary Hirshberg can talk a lot about success. The former CEO of organic yogurt brand Stonyfield Farm helped guide the company through two major acquisitions: to French dairy giant Danone, one of the first partnerships between natural food and a multinational corporation, and again to Lactalis in 2017 for $875 million.

He had a major hand in convincing Danone to buy Broomfield-based WhiteWave, and has been on the board of several organic brands as they hit the big time, including Applegate, Honest Tea and Annie's Homegrown.

But the New Hampshire native didn't come to Boulder to talk about the good times.

He came to share the worst of the worst challenges he faced during a 35-year career — and he wants to hear and help heal the woes of other entrepreneurs.

Hirshberg will be hosting his namesake Entrepreneurship Institute for the first time in Boulder.

The two-day "bootcamp" has been held just more than a dozen times since its inception 20 years ago, featuring a panel of experts that troubleshoot real problems from real local companies across...

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