Study: Vegan Food Makes Up 20 percent of All Food, Beverage Sales in Supermarkets

A new consumer report by Nielsen, a global market research company, confirms that plant-based food is on the rise.

The report, titled “Plant-Based Food Options are Sprouting Growth for Retailers,” indicated that the sales growth of vegan food and produce is outpacing total food and beverage sales in supermarkets.

The Nielsen report broke down several components of the plant-based food sector in comparison to supermarket sales as a whole.

As of 2017, it found that nearly 20 percent of all store food and beverage dollars came from plant-based sources.

This number is bolstered by the gaining popularity of innovative plant-based products. In fact, “traditional” vegan staples such as tofu and brown rice have actually declined in sales by 1.3 percent; however, sales of many vegan alternatives have experienced double-digit growth.

By the numbers, veggie noodles, cheese and meat alternatives, plant-based yogurt, plant-based ice cream, and vegan pizza have all seen significant leaps in sales.

Vegetable-based noodles spiked 115 percent within the year, followed by vegan cheese at 45 percent and plant-based yogurt at 31 percent.

Plant-based meat followed not far behind at 30 percent, and vegan ice cream and pizza saw solid 25 percent and 21 percent...

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