Sunmagic rolls out rebranded juice range

Sunmagic has re-branded its entire range of juices as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, in order to “place greater emphasis on its premium quality credentials”.

The new-look packaging features an updated logo and new label design with fresh fruit illustrations to “reinforce taste appeal and give better stand-out on shelf”.

UK's Sunmagic 500ml PET bottle range features the new branding from this week, while its other ranges will follow over the coming months.

The new packaging features the strapline: “Made with the Magic of the Sun”.' Sunmagic’s new branding will also be seen on branded trucks from this month, with a new strapline: “Refreshing great taste in every drop”.

As part of the rebrand, Sunmagic will also be launching a new website and new press advertising campaign... More...

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