Supreme Petfoods Releases New Packaging

Supreme Petfoods’ Science Selective Hamster Food launched with an improved recipe and new packaging. There is also a new packaging design for Supreme’s Bathing Sand, which will now be sold under the Tiny Friends Farm range.

The Science Selective range benefits from distinctive packaging that looks great on-shelf and now Selective Hamster has a modern look that fits with the rest of the brand portfolio.

The product also improved in palatability as a result of changes and upgrades to the recipe. The kibble size has been reduced and the shape changed, making it easier for tiny paws to grip.It is especially suitable for popular dwarf breeds.

Selective Hamster is now an extruded, rather than baked product, giving it a light and crunchy texture that’s even more appealing. This last change also brings Selective Hamster in line with the other products in the range, making it more consistent and easier for shoppers to understand.

The Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand packaging now references chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils--all species that enjoy using bathing sand as part of their daily routine.

The fun new pack is a cardboard tube and once the bathing sand is in use, the tube can be reused as a... More...

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