Sustainability Focus: Fabri-Kal launches TruWare square containers for food packaging

Our take: Fabri-Kal strengthens its sustainable portfolio with TruWare containers made using 50 percent of post-consumer recycled PET plastic... |

Sixth largest thermoformer in North America, Fabri-Kal, has strengthened its sustainable food packaging portfolio with the introduction of TruWare square containers.

TruWare containers are made using a minimum of 50 percent post-consumer recycled PET plastic, to reduce the containers’ environmental impact.

The containers are transparent, increasing the purchase appeal and allowing customers to see the quality of the product inside the box.

The company noted that TruWare containers are durable and stackable, thereby enabling efficient use of space and increasing shelf efficiency.

Fabri-Kal president and CEO Mike Roeder said: “Fabri-Kal has a history of providing operators with sustainable food packaging solutions.

“We are proud to offer TruWare containers, another packaging choice from Fabri-Kal designed to meet our customers’ functional and environmental needs.”

The secure lid fit of the containers reduces leaks during transportation and allows consumers to open and close multiple times.

Manufactured in the US, TruWare square containers are available in different sizes, including...

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