Sustainable Foods Summit to include packaging waste focus

Hosted in Singapore on 4-5th September, the second Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will feature sustainable packaging, ingredients, and marketing.

For the first time in Asia, an executive summit will look to advance sustainability in the food industry by the use of ingredients and packaging.

The summit opens with a discussion of some of the pressing sustainability issues facing the Asian food industry.

Urban migration has given the continent 9 of the 10 most populated cities in the world. Food security is a growing concern, with many sections of the population having limited access to nutritious food.

Packaging waste has become a major concern in Asia, with recent news of a whale suffocating off the shore of Southern Thailand after swallowing 80 plastic bags.

The sustainable packaging session discusses practical approaches to reduce the packaging impact of food and beverages.

WWF Singapore will highlight the ecological issues associated with product packaging.

Another speaker will explain how environmental footprints of packaging can be measured and lowered.

David Christian, co-founder of Evoware, will present the company’s sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

The Indonesian firm has developed seaweed-based packaging that is edible and biodegradable.

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