Ten impactful, efficient flexible packages win gold awards

Outstanding innovations in flexible packaging happen on a rather frequent basis. But each year at this time the best in the industry are recognized, as the Flexible Packaging Association honors the winners of its annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards.

As one of three judges for this year’s competition, I spent two days late last year immersed in printing jargon, playing with opening features and peeling apart structures with co-judges Dr. Joongmin Shin, associate professor, Industrial Technology and Packaging, California Polytechnic State University, and Brian Wagner, co-founder and principal, of prominent packaging consulting firm PTIS LLC.

I can personally attest to the thorough job we did in analyzing each of the 66 packages submitted for judging.

Despite the differences in our packaging knowledge and experience, all three of us were nearly unanimous in our decisions—something that doesn’t happen all that often, from my recollection.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve served as an FPA judge in the past, but can only hope I’m invited again in the future as this is one of the best run packaging competitions that exists.

In this competition...

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story by Lisa McTigue Pierce and thumbnail courtesy of packagingdigest.com

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