Research: The future of the beauty industry will be multicultural

Our take: Research reveals multicultural consumers propelling beauty market in U.S. Find out why... | ----------

Multicultural women are propelling the U.S. beauty industry forward, says market research firm Mintel, revealing that Hispanic women are the most enthusiastic when it comes to experiment new products meanwhile Black women are more likely to be interested in natural beauty trends.

Hispanic women who perform a beauty routine are also more likely to be interested in multi-purpose beauty products, meanwhile, Black women are more likely to be interested in trends surrounding natural beauty products.

“It’s an exciting time for multicultural beauty in America as more and more brands are developing products to fit the unique interests and needs of multicultural consumers.

The increasing diversity of the country bodes well for the beauty industry. With new launches from brands like Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and FORM that offer more options for varying skin tones and hair types, there is opportunity for product usage to grow.

Custom-blended beauty products is one area in particular that shows promise as these products resonate with women who may find it difficult to match their skin color and undertones or find the right products for their hair texture,” said Toya Mitchell, Multicultural Analyst at Mintel.

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