Review: Unique food packaging crate offers supply-chain benefits

A unique and patented food packaging option for supply chain distribution channels introduced last October by EcoPack Systems (Irvine, CA) now offers a new product.

The EcoPack Pineapple Crate, at locations in Costa Rica and California, are an outgrowth of growing demand from suppliers in Central America and the Western United States.

While initial markets of focus for the EcoPack “box” have been for bananas and pineapples, other fruits and vegetables as well as seafood, baked goods, dairy and fresh meat and poultry are also potential markets.

Made from food-grade plastics, the EcoPack crates address food safety in the supply chain and are said to dramatically reduce transportation costs while offering fully customizable point of purchase branding through printed graphics.

The patented EcoPack system consists of an easy-to-assemble plastic frame and a hygienic plastic bag that together form an economical, multipurpose recyclable box that’s suitable for palletizing.

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