Walgreens Piloting Lower SKU Counts, Prices In Select Locations

Our comment: Walgreens proactive in effort to gauge customer reaction to lower SKU count/targeted price reductions...


Walgreens has unveiled a test program to lower SKU counts by 20 percent per store in 17 Gainesville, Fla. area locations.

As part of the market pilot, Walgreens has lowered everyday prices on more than 5,000 items, including health and beauty, personal care and grocery and household items.

At these stores, the pharmacy has introduced Walgreens Plus, a subscription program through which customers can pay a $20 annual fee to receive an additional 20 percent off prices storewide every day, including sale prices.

Other perks include a 60 percent discount on cash-paid generic prescription prices and the option of free, same-day prescription delivery through Walgreens.com.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Walgreens plans to gauge customer reaction at the pilot stores and adjust quickly based on feedback, then roll out new ideas to other stores in the future.

“People give drug stores roughly seven minutes [of their time],” Alex Gourlay, Co-COO of Walgreens Boots Alliance and President of Walgreens, told Drugstore News.

“If you can give them two minutes back, they’re really happy. And in the modern world, more people will order in advance. We’re trying to redefine modern convenience.”

Despite its position as a drugstore with more than 10,000 brick-and-mortar locations...

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